The community of Wachirpas

Wachirpas is a community of the Achuar ethnic group in Ecuador. The Achuar people live in the deepest part of the ever-preserved Amazonian forest, and away from the different exploitations made by modern industry in the Amazon.

About 30 families live in Wachirpas. The school has a hundred children. The nearest college is located in the neighboring community of Kapawi (across the Pastaza River, upstream about 20 minutes by canoe), where it is possible to connect to the internet. Wachirpas infrastructure is minimal. The communal house is impressive. But apart from this construction, the rest of the constructions are simple, and often old. There is a small health center; the school has several rooms but rather old. And a small church stands not far from the center. And of course it is around the airstrip that is the majority of houses. The runway is 800 meters long.
Most families have a solar panel (photovoltaic) that provides them with electricity for lighting, and to recharge the few electrical devices that residents sometimes have.

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